Accompanying the flat note the pleximeter finger, i.e., the one applied to the chest, perceives much greater resistance than upon the sound side, or even greater than that obtained over solidified lung: 2015. The system, relieved dosage of the necessity of ridding itself of quantities of food eaten but not required, saves an amount of energy possibly equal to that used by the brain in its daily round of work.

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Were the milk a simple transudation from the blood it would have a fda similar composition. GALEN.) pharmacy Thus, respiration, which connects the external and assimilating function, furnishes the blood with the principle which is to keep up the action of the brain, and to excite musculai contractions. But such a recantation would be scarcely justifiable or acceptable unless based upon good independent The possibility, however, of accepting this second hypothesis is still further closed by the results of experiments in which a slight excess of liquor iv potassre was added to the boiled urine.

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It would be curious to ascertain, whether the air expired from the lungs of a cataleptic, contains more oxygen, is less impaired, and contains a smaller quantity of carbonic acid than the breath of a sound active adult: dissolvable. That the removal of a stone above the vault of the vagina is feasible by vaginal incision, the following case will show: The patient was a rather stout woman of thirty- nine years of age, and years been subject to attacks of renal colic, always on the left side, and almost always followed by the passage uses of stones. One of these men should be stationed in the vestibule, oi just within the during front door. That boys are affected three and a half times more frequently than girls, and two men are affected to one woman, may help in the In many of the recorded cases the picture has become confused by the sequela? of patent the disease; but the early signs and symptoms should be sufficient to lead to the correct diagnosis. It was a simple matter to put some water in the bladder, when the fragment was quickly caught, crushed, and This accident would have been avoided had I prac tised the same manipulation on the patient already described, and used the cystoscope to odt note the position of the stone and also to note the fact that he had begun to develop prostatic hypertrophy with residual urine.


The for field of vision was normal and color-sense unchanged. The presence of tubercle bacilli in the lung and the absence of aetinomyces disposes of any possibility that the lung lesion might have been the 4mg portal of infection. CLEAXSING pregnancy OI' MILK BOTTLES AT CERTIFIED DAIRIES.