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This is greatly aided by the more correct and improved methods renova of examination, which again depend on the more strictly scientific laboratory processes and modern mechanical appliances, all of which tend to enlarge our practical, clinical and therapeutical resources. He has apparently still further emphasized his former opinions, 0.05 and states the unfortunate results of bathing, illustrating it by the case of a poor Eskimo who came to this country and took a bath, dying almost immediately of pneumonia. It is more than likely that and all the constituent elements of the decidua contribute to the formation of the fluid.

Gel - the patient takes a purge in cathartic which the physician may select; he abstains from supper and breakfast, and then begins with the fluid extract, taking one-third of the whole quantity at a dose, which is to be repeated every hour and a half, or two hours. Dans Tintervalle des acces, Tenfant etait telle qu'elle se trouvait avant le debut de la A partir du vingt et unieme jour, et pendant le dernier sepienaire, alors que la fievre tend ".05" k se rapprocher du type continu, Tagitation succede k la torpeur; il y a du collapsus cardiaque, sans intermittence; labasedupoumon droit est congestionnee. REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE 2.4.4 MEDICAL SCIENCES.

Apres refroidissement, on pulverise le charbon dans la prescription capsule on chauffe et on recueiile dans un refrigerant le brome et le chlore qui distilient.

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Diagnostic instruments and apparatus are indispensable; one should avail one's-self of all these mechanical aids to complete diag nostic investigations, "defects" but the armamentarium should never be carried to the extent of ostentatious display, or the intent of producing a profound impression upon the patient; because, if ignorant and superstitious, they will be disappointed at anything less than a miracle at your hands; on the other hand, an intelligent patient is disgustedwith an unnecessary display. We now ask every member of to the College of Physicians and Surgeons resident in Ontario to sign the enclosed Petition and thus strengthen the hands of the Medical Council in protecting and maintaining the Medical Act. ''Kansas boasts many Rush boys and they march about in the front rank Home for Disabled Volunteers, Marion, Ind: 0.1.