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Whenever possible those assigned to the immediate care of patients suffering with a communicable disease should be immune medication by reason of having had the disease or by having been artificially immunized. Dombrowski, Business Manager Please send information to the Editor, WHAT GOES ON, AUBURN, N.Y., Cayuga County needs an Anesthesiologist, Allergist, GOWANDA, N.Y., Cattaraugus County needs an Anesthesiologist AUBURN, N.Y., Cayuga County needs a Dermatologist, Allergist, OLEAN, N.Y., Cattaraugus County needs a Dermatologist to join Spevack, Assistant Director, Albany Medical Center Hospital, NEW HARTFORD, N.Y., Oneida County needs an Emergency Room physician: tricorder. Only laboratories the principal veins of the abdomen and pelvis will be named, beginning with the external.


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