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The injured surfaces, including the vesicular and ulcerative All these surfaces may be classed as ulcerative burns except that of the left hand, and perhaps that of the right leg too; but even these ultimately ulcerated in parts (online).

A Thompson searcher, which is a short-beaked metallic instrument, is then introduced for the purpose of exploring the cavity of the bladder for the presence of calculi, and, at the same time, an attempt is made to ascertain the nature and extent of the intravesical prostatic growth, whether it be a median lobe chords or bar, a lateral or a bilateral enlargement. Acid, meats, salt, fruits, pickles, spices, spirits, sugars and coarse vegetables are believed to be the most potent in this particular, whereas bread, milk, well-cooked cereals, dogs tender vegetables, etc., are only mild stimulants. There were occasional nodal and bundle extra price systoles.