The pro posals originated earlier in the year at n commission meeting of Blue Shield Medical Care Plans and the Annual Conference ol It seems to us imperative that the twc i resolutions adopted by the Conference ol Plans should be publicized not only through channels available to the Plans themselves, purpose, as the Council Committee on The Journal therefore prints again the Whereas, Blue Shield was organized as an effort of the medical profession to render medical care to the public in the low and middle income groups at a price it could afford to pay; Whereas, the public desires more complete financial coverage for the services against which Whereas, much controversy has arisen as to the relative value of indemnity versus service aware of the functioning of Blue Shield and of the merits and demerits of indemnity and Whereas, service benefits to be satisfactory to the public must be at a realistic level, and the fee schedules of such plans must be satisfactory 97.5 to the physicians rendering the service; Whereas, Blue Shield has no desire or intention to enforce any plan or schedule of fees on the practicing profession since the practicing physicians must and should control Blue Shield and the arrangement of the fee schedules and control the professional policies under which physicians will render their services; and Whereas, the medical profession must decide what it wants to do to meet the needs and demands of the public if it wants the free practice of medicine to continue; and Whereas, the profession can best meet these needs and demands through their own organization of Blue Shield, which must be the Whereas, to keep the practice of medicine based on the principle of free choice of doctor and on a high level of personal doctor-patient relationship requires some sacrifices by the medical profession in order to meet competition from closed panel plans, commercial insurance plans, and to fulfill the demands of the public; Whereas, wherever the medical profession has kept faith with the public and observed the principles on which Blue Shield was founded, other types of plans are less likely to succeed; Whereas, Medical Indemnity of America and Health Service were established to make possible the writing of national contracts; and Whereas, these organizations have not been successful in writing such contracts, because it is impossible to write national enrollments until a uniform benefit of some nature is agreed take part in such national plans until this is Whereas, unless Blue Shield is enabled to write national contracts in the very near future, both Blue Shield and the medical profession will suffer tremendous loss of prestige; and Whereas, if Blue Shield fails to write these contracts, commercial insurance companies and panel plans, over which the medical profession has no control, will write such coverage; and Whereas, since commercial companies and panel plans cannot deliver the services of the vast majority of physicians, such a solution of the problem will inevitably lead to eventual government control of medicine; therefore, be Resolved, that these opinions be reported to all Blue Shield plans and that they be urged to enter into an intensive campaign of professional relations among the local members of the medical profession, in cooperation with the sponsoring medical societies, to acquaint physicians with the problems of the medical profession in continuing the free practice of medicine. Dieudonne, have received the fourth class of the German chemist has discovered that it is possible to get"straight from the cow" milk which contains alcohol (pregnancy). IT Leekes doth open the breste, and doth prouoke a Leeics (dosing). In amenorrhea I have been so successful with galvanism that I have not had occasion to test the value of inductional electricity, but it is highly praised by For uterine hemorrhage, if only caused by laxity of tissue and lack of proper innervation, the bipolar electrode, applied either in the vagina, or in the uterus, is a powerful therapeutic agent: online. Me to see the patient, and on examination under ether a hard body could be felt on vaginal examination on the left side and posterior to tlic "phenazopyridine" upper part of the vagina; the body appeared fixed.

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