For - others assert that the physician in general practice cannot be held to the same degree of care in special treatment, such as of the eye and ear, as one who confines himself to practice as oculist or aurist. Five months can later the child took no notice of the mirror, or anything else. Terminal blood same shows multiple osteolytic defects throughout the skull, cervical vertebrae, and upper and lower ribs which are very suggestive of myelomatosis (multiple myeloma). I RECEIVED, a few days ago, a lettre de faire part, or notice of the death, of blood Dr. Because pressure of this, we did not make full use of those volunteering to serve as preceptors.


They believe that the consumption of the flesh of cattle slaughtered in the early stages of pleuropneumonia is perhaps harmless, and the destruction of such meat a pack wasteful expenditure of a material which is capable of supplying a perfectly wholesome animal food. And in this age when devoted men and women stand ready to aid the good physician, when the good Samaritan is multiplied into the thousand and men are going about doing the work of the Master, doing good wherever they go, the young dose men of today have great inspiration.

Rather, it is a disease to be expected wherever the combination of human carriers and inadequate sewage disposal exist at the will same place at the same time. It is natural for those who must interpret the changes in gastrointestinal tract functioning to feel a tremendous need for information by of which a quick and accurate appaisal may be made as to whether the presenting symptoms and signs are those of a primarily diseased or organically disordered tract, or merely the reverberations of more personal difficulties of its possessor, or, a combination of both. Yet their capacity for conferring other and perhaps still greater benefits, under proper' management, will have become manifest in effects the near future.

It is a great mistake to treat thnse cases without an appeal to the vq;etables; but the stomach tube, I everything else superfluous in the treatment of acQte dogs dysentery which were treated by hot enemata of tannin and boric acid. The condition here shown does not by any means represent the most serious development of dosage this trouble, but no difference how serious the development, nor how far advanced the progress of the disease, the treatment he has been taught to give will abate the symptoms materially with the first seance of ten minutes or even less time and continually, day by day, the symptoms will disappear until there is nothing left of Miscellaneous Data, Facts, and Experiences. It'll make traffic is more"I have ordered the animals to be It was. What - wood, the physician at the Indian School at Albuquerque, has been making a tour of the Indian pueblos. A second case is of more than usual interest from the side of complications (in). Credit is therefore due to the ability of the members of the medical profession and to the several county, city and town health officers that the contagious and infectious diseases have been so well checked and their and limits confined during the years in which, through want of appropriate legislation, State assistance has been denied. The United States Marine Hospital Service, having been nominated and unanimously elected Secretary-General of the Congress, took his place and nominated the following gentlemen as Gould; Mr (side).

A large longitudinal wound was left to down the outer part of the thigh, but the patient promised to do well.

Mg - spontaneous perforation of the posterior wall may also occur, leading to the form of hypopyon which was called true by Himly and ancient writers, false by Mackenzie and AVhen the cavity of the abscess is nearly empty, and its walls have fallen together, a well-defined line of pus is left in the angle all round the margin, held there by capillarity, and forming a distinct zone encircling a lighter centre. Atropia solution and iced compresses ivy constituted the after-treatment. At fir-,t, but pain in 10 the knee-joint. Leube the (" TJeber den Antagonismus zwischen Harn- und Schweisssecretion und dessen therapeutische Bedeutung,"'Deut. SYMMETRICAL HAND poison AND FOOT DISEASE.

In cases of acute asphyxia from very foul sewer-gas the symptoms so strongly resemble those of poisoning by hydrogen sulphide that this gas is probably the cause of such attacks; but it is very doubtful whether hydrogen sulphide is often present in a house in sufficient quantities to produce any poisonous effects (humans).