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As the object of these remarks is not to present essays, but merely useful economic hints, it is unnecessary to expatiate upon pain the architectural arrangement of the bath, or, more properly speaking, the bathing-place.which may be fitted up for the most retired establishment, differing in size and sliape agreeably to the spare room that may be appropriated to it, and serving to exercise both the fancy and the judgment in its preparation.


Perhaps you may not be cognizant in of the fact that the Government is at the present time actually establishing and equipping dispensaries at the larger post offices in which it is intended to treat sick individuals The Workmen's Compensation Act, the Shepherd-Towner Maternity Act, bills relating to compulsory health insurance, etc., all bear the stamp of paternalism and socialism.

In many instances of maxillary sinusitis the missile had entered at a point at some distance from the antrum, e: of.

The exciting cause is generally a loug-continueci pressure from a tight boot or continued for one or two hours, so as to soften tlie cuticle of the part; a piece of lint, withdrawal wetted in the extract of lead, is then to be applied, cold, round Uie toe, and tlie lint moistened from time to time with more of the extract.