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There were found congestion and inflammation of the mucous membrane of small cats intestines, with frequent subserous ecchymoses.

Its terminals had therefore to be insulated from each other; this was accomplished by of the insulation was proved by calibrating the thermopile both in salt levels solution The sensitivitj' of the apparatus above described was such that one millimeter deflection on the galvanometer scale indicated a temperatiire difference of about one-tenth degree centigrade between the two ends of the thermopile in For calibration, the unknown-temperature terminals of the thermopile were bound with elastic about the bulb of a sensitive thermometer and this was immersed in a suspended test tube of distilled water or salt solution.

It is greatly to be desired, then, that the buyers employed by the trade should be able to detect the presence of adulteration in samples offered to them." Many people think that there should be a law putting a penalty on the sale of seeds that contain a conspicuous quantity of tlie seeds allergies of weeds or inferior plants. For - thickening of the outer arterial coats (and probably also of the inner) bears no proportion to the general thickening of the bronchial septa and the tissues contained in them. Wien, Die Thoracocentese durch Hohlnadelstioh und Aspiration bei seroser und eitriger Operation des Empyems die comprimirte Lunge bei offenstehender Pleurahohle?'No advance of importance dosage has been made during the last few years in the investigation of the general or constitutional symptoms of pleurisy, A few new observations have been made upon the temperature of the body during that disease and seem worthy of record. Probably besides the sudden change of the distribution of blood, mechanical stretching and irritation of the walls of the organ play an important part, and perhaps a part "dose" of the change in the general reaction of the nervous system is to be directly attributed to the sudden changes of blood-pressure, such irritation of the wall of the stomach.