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However, if a convex lens is interposed between the object and the eye, sufficient magnification may be obtained to permit the eye to recognize the object (blood). Rufus Rorem Associate Director of "tegretol" Medical Services of the Julius Rosenwald Fund and Consultant on Group Hospitalization for the American, Hospital Association, Chicago. Sutphen and Gibb, of Morristown; Meyer, of Bernardsville; and Jamison, j effects Miller, Sly and Thomas, of Summit.

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But the strangest anomaly is, that the same patient who, at one period of his disease, has fixed himself immoveably on the left side, will, at another, be forced to turn over and fix himself as immoveably on the right (200). Greater dilutions required "overdose" a longer period to effect the destruction of the bacilli, and in all instances the phenyl-propionic acid showed the greater potency. Department has purchased a large supply of reviews material and equipment that will add materially to the efficiency of this service. As his condition was becoming serious, I advised the friends anxiety to try an operation. Although they are found coincident with an inflamed and adherent pericardium, the connexion between the two is not obvious (cena). I have operated by this method, and can alternatives testify to both the ease with which it can be performed and its gratifying results. These are attached by means of a cut-off valve, to the compressed air apparatus, at a low pressure, or used with bulb as shown in illustration, and are slowly expanded and allowed to empty cause themselves every fifteen or twenty seconds.