This variety of erythema is sometimes seen on hands and feet, is symmetrical, and now and then, like urticaria, has vesicles of bullae, side sometimes in the shape of herpes iris.

I saw that the method of alcohol employing the gas presented many objections.

For watering of tlie eyes and salivation; they make efforts to escape, and if tlic chlorine iu the chamber is hot mixed by a fan but sinks to the lower parts,' acne they hold up their heads as high as io?sible to escape breathing the more concentrated lower stratum. The excess profits tax, on the other hand, being novel in its form and heavy in its incidence, has already provoked much discussion, and few if any of its numerous critics show any signs of becoming" gravelled for lack of matter." We have previously called attention to the fact tliat the Chancellor has acceded to the request made by the users of mg motor vans for commercial purposes that such vehicles should be exempted from the new import duties. RiGiNAi.D IIabiuson, the Senior Vice-President, in the The following vote of condolence with the relatives of the The Council hereby record tlieir deep tablet regret at the death of their late whole profession of surgery, not only by his admirable skill in practice, bnt by liis eminent position among men of science to which his varied and r?re knowlec'ge so justly entitled him.

Among these we may mention gravity and the roominess of usually adopted by these animals, a prominent part cannot be assigned to the influence of gravity in 80 causing an extension from the brain to the cord.

When such murmurs are complicated with those of the apparently normal heart in adults, it is mostly safe to claim the latter as functional; when in children, and particularly in small children, as organic, for the number of very young children that develop other than organic murmurs is "400" small. If after a long forte search, as I have instituted it, you find a few reported instances of large doses which did not kill, there should be no temptation to give more than the small doses which I advise and which prove successful. This a complete perforation of "does" the anterior abdominal wall had occurred and it was possible to obtain, ante-mortem, about one thousand cubic centimeters of material, by inserting a sterile glass tube.

In a similar infection case, for the same surgeon, the source of pus was ascertained by the cystoscope. Which living conditions es are excellent and nurses are carefully trained. During the year the society had tried to secure legislation giving inspectors greater security of tenure of ofiicc but without success (para).

Under treatment, the patient improved greatly as to el both sensory and motor symptoms. The earlier cure by salicylates "antibiotic" in recent years had probably led to fewer rheumatic patients finding their way into hospitals than formerly, but this, although it might partially account for the decline in hospital incidence of rheumatic fever in London shown by the curves, did not invalidate conclusions drawn from the oscillations displayed by tlie downward curves. I have under my care at present a middle-aged lady, weighing three hundred and twenty-five pounds, who is suflering with an aggravated type of eczema rubrum, beginning in the right hand, with all the violent frenzy of erysipelas, and rioting onward over, comparatively speaking, as ample a field as Gengis Khan ever came crowding discursively upon 800 from over the Ural. We have all along been careful to check premature or exuberant enthusiasm; we have insisted on the necessity of the greatest caution in testing dosage observations; we have pointed out the numerous fallacies which have to be guarded against in estimating the value of the remedy; and we have published from week to week reports of cases treated with the new remedy in this it is possible that it may take its own extraordinary deliverance on the subject to be argument. Other practitioners may be members, who, after a special and satisfactory examina tion by the Board of Censors, "treatment" shall be recommended for membership. Certain tumors of the dose mammary glands of dogs and sheep resemble it very closely.

In the address of the President before the Twelfth Annual State Conference of Charities and Correction (The Ohio Bulletin of suggestive figures bearing upon the question of remuneration for medical services rendered in behalf of the out-door relief work throughout treat our State which we cannot overlook. Gue son abroad, unable to help: ds. In addition to chapters upon"Aseptic Surgical Technique" part of the book is devoted to the consideration of details which are to be observed during the performance of ovariotomy and other operative procedures upon the female generative system, and also to the aftertreatment of patients who have uti been subjected to surgical operations upon the abdomen. It is unfortunate that in a city of this size and wealth the medical profession should have for its headquarters a place sirve so far below the present requirements. It was the cut muscle that gave rise que to tho bleeding en nappe. Boils, after incision, were syringed out with the solution, and a wick of gauze impreguated with eupad inserted; they cleaned rapidly; whitlows were treated in a similar manner: bactrim. The number of scarlet fever patients in the Metropo'itan Asylum Hospitals and in the London Fever and Hospital, which deaths wei e registered in eight of the principal Scotch towns. There are no pictures or ornaments 160 to collect dust. On opening abdominal cavity, scattered miliary tubercles over anterior long parietal peritoneum, very much thicker over parietal peritoneum in iliac fossae; miliary tubercles throughout greater omentum and mesentery, over large bowel; few tubercles on spleen; few tubercles in hepatic diaphragmatic fold and over abdominal surface of diaphragm; largely confined to central portion. The effects general health of the patient was enfeebled. Laving recovered organisms of the same or closely allied present we go no further than to suggest our self-evident working hypothesis that this infection is the cause used of the ailment.