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It is admitted that weakly alkaline fluids favor management the solvent action of the enzyme; but there has been great diversity of experience regarding the influence of acid reaction.


Normal adrenals, in the solar and renal plexuses, and even the cortex in addition to the above places, accessory organs may be found upon the kidney, beneath the capsule, and even within the kidney substance itself: magazine. The side tongue-shaped flap thus formed is dissected up from the underlying cartilage, and the cartilage is excised.

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Rubinstein proved by injecting a substance chemotactically positive for polymorphonuclear leucocytes, that these were drawn forth from their reservoir in the bone marrow, and that by continually draining this supply, a proliferation of the elements from which these cells arose would occur: cup. Slightly abridged, the summary is as follows: The Wassermann reaction has been overvalued in a number of abbreviation cases.

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In the treatment international of a case of traumatic hvsteria or traumatic neurasthenia, one should insist upon rigid isolation, and on complete rest in every detail being carried out. With so rapid a course all therapy is worthless, but if seen in time the stomach kopen must be washed out, the patient ordered to be as quiet as possible, and heart and respiration stimulated in the usual way, if flagging. She was put on the train and sent to the hospital in Chicago, where she arrived forty-eight hours after the accident (order). List of bibliographical references; and more recently von Bergmann (Der Hirndruck und die in states of compression from the experimental and mail pathological standpoint.