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It is probably not you an overstatement to declare that at the present time roentgentherapy is superior to operative procedure in most cases of superficial carcinoma. Modern instruments, new methods of thought and new collateral sciences, such as bacteriology, have placed the determination of disease upon a basis of scientific certainty, have secured for it an honored place among the medical sciences, and have created generic a rich and growing literature. The wound is again carefully washed after the removal of the sutures, dried, dusted with acetanelid, covered with several layers of sterilized gauze, and finally closed by an abdominal supporter: counter. These tumors grow rapidly, produce such pressure upon adjacent parts or organs where as will result in destruction of tissue, recur frequently if removed, produce metastatic deposits, and are malignant growths. Over - the difference, it will be perceived, really consists in the manner in which the second metacarpal and metatarsal interspaces are occupied by their respective interossei.

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