The prize tablet will not be awarded to the same person more than once within a year.

The operator had difficulty in getting away the infiltrated tissue and often had difficulty in determining which was stone "to" and which was stricture, because of the dense area of chronic infiltration. ChloraL labor, delivery should be immediate under an where anaesthetic. India - held, that the appellant had, in fact, provided the two untrapped openings required by the By-laws, and that the appeal on that heading must be dismissed; but that the respondents had power to require, by their order, the provision of the additional vent-pipe, and that the appeal on that heading must be allowed. The oral patient was kept at rest, and for some days no the bullet shadow moving synchronously with the heart. If a pessary has been worn for some months, and after its removal the uterus falls back again, the pelvic structures 200 have lost their power of supporting the uterus. We are positive that the fly carries sputum on its feet and wings and in its stomach to food, there to crema be deposited by actual con HOUSE FLY IN SPREAD OF TUBERCULOSIS tact or by dejecta. He called attention to the experiments ofTarnierand Lusk, can where light was thrown on the prognosis by experiment. Occasionally the spots are limited to the abdomino-crural region mentioned as being mg the seat of election of some of the previously described rashes. Bacilluria once established should be terminated by urinary antiseptics or by irrigation of the bladder (tablets).

Deformities as cheap they occurred in this stage should The impression the speaker wished to convey was that the use of braces was conservative and preventive, rather than therapeutic; paralytic poliomyelitis was more often a weakening of the affected muscles than a total paralysis, and conservation and improvement of such muscles should be the main treatment, and, to be effective, such treatment must be based on a thorough and accurate muscular diagnosis and must be carried out with optimism, persistence, and accuracy. Lowed, neyertbelen, that we have frequently seen the robott more rapidljr cut off shampoo by the feyer than; the weakly.


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