Reviation - from the captain of a Russian fur-trading vessel I learned of an excellent antiscorbutic in the use of cranberries, especially the little ones that grow in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. Many accounts have been published of healthy persons cohabiting with lepers september for years with impunity. The cases which liave been observed by the writer have presented only the parchment low patches (morphoea) with lilac areola, and have been observed about the clavicles and on the face. Medication - now, as concerns any modification of the characters of one disease in virtue of the coexistence within the body of anothei-, it may be stated that there is no evidence to warrant the belief that the incubation stage of either is interfered with in any particular. The parotid and submaxillary salivary glands also become swollen sometimes, a condition associated with the dribbling from the mouth of a thick no glutinous saliva regarded by the natives as infectious. The most significant thing in its career was its inextinguishable vitality, and that was due not to the performances of its buy rulers and warriors, but to the thoughts and aspirations of its prophets and poets, who breathed into the soul of the true Israel the breath of their own inspiration. After operation all of these should be treated by radium in the vagina and should have crossfire through the abdomen brand with the Coolidge tube. Deafness is also mgt a common symptom. In one of Eichhorst's patients the disease was perhaps congenital; in another it began at the age or reported in which the most careful and competent examination failed to reveal uk the slightest evidences of change in the nerves or spinal cord. Irregular red patches of inflamed skin are presented on various parts of the body, which occasionally bear some resemblance to the rash of measles; but the raised patches are usually harsh and scaly, instead of yielding the soft velvety feel so characteristic of this disease (reviews).

But having cleared the ground, we can begin to "management" lay the cornerstones. Represented: That inasmuch as it is well known that excreta only form a small percentage of the filth of sewage, and that street and surface filth form a large percentage, it is necessary to provide for the removal of the latter, and water-carriage is the cheapest and best method of removal: order.


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