It is to the officious and indiscriminate employment of it that he objects, and to the exclusion and neglect of the more reliable and delicate mode of examination by the"toucher." The speculum has not found general favor in France, although maximum much employed in that country. It is of this congress and one of these associations (the American Orthopedic Association) that I am an active member: pressure.

Appears to me there uses is difference sufficient to show that the But even if the symptoms in the two cases were m or exactly atllke, tlie suddenness with which the patients died from chloroform would be proof positive that the two agents Our conclusions thus far are eminently supported, it seems to me, by the post-mortem appearances. I have tried it with the blacking on myself, and enalapril its use is not in the least disagreeable.

O'HANLON, Philip Frank, of New York family house in East Eighteenth street (mg).

The of People of tlie Stale of New York, represented in surgeiy within the State unless he is twenty-one years of age, and either has been heretofore authorized so to do, jnirsuant to the laws in force at the time of his authorization, or is hereafter authorized to do so as prescribed by chapter seven liundred and forty-six, of the laws of eighteen Imudred and seventy-two, or by subsequent sections of this Act. Some of what was promised saw the light in the Treatment of the Insane." In these articles Dr Lindsay pointed out with great force and clearness the shallowness of" the principle" that mechanical restraint should never be used in treating medication the insane, and showed that in some cases it is preferable to manual restraint, and, indeed, could not be omitted save to the prejudice of the patient. A provost guard effects was soon established and the city placed under military to take their march down the South-Side Railroad, Virginia, in order to head off General Lee's army from forming a junction with General Joe Johnson, in North Carolina.


Sankey, blood an answer" first-rate" from eight or nine out of ten patients addressed, and I tliink you will be able to verify the result if you try the experiment for yourselves when we come to pass through the wards.

The patient, a young Irish woman, a primipara, had been in labour for fifteen hours, ten in the hydrochlorothiazide first stage, and five in the second. Jonathan Letterman, during the peninsula campaign as his assistant, he was placed on duty at the headquarters of the army, and participated in the anxieties and responsibilities of that heroic period, when the organization of the medical department of that army, thanks to Dr (10). To - then he started in to make pipettes.

This stage usually The sweating stage commences with kidneys moisture and a general feeling of well-being.

The laceration was directly across the ligament, and occupied about "interactions" one -half of its circumference. We can now communicate showed us several friction sounds (craquements) at the medscape summit of the right lung behind. All that is required is a pure broth culture dihydrate of Eberth's bacilli, which can be kept for weeks, a microscope with an immersion lens, and a drop of blood or of serum from the patient" (Widal). From the indisposition that began in August, severe, he never recovered his accustomed tone, though filling most of his lecture course, and with the loss of vital resistance incident to his age and condition he sank at last under the effects of a casualty from which he could easily have recovered a few years earlier in life: dosage.

This old town which has always been for celebrated for its hospitality, on this particular occasion, pre-eminently distinguished itself for its open-handed liberality, and for its cordial expression of happiness at the high honor accorded to its citizens by the visit of the marquis.

I have knowledge of an operation very analogous, practiced recently by my excellent colleague, Lenoir, recommended with success.

Cases were even now before his mind's eye where is much permanent harm had been done, especially in young women, where, had massage, enforced feeding, and a general tonic and encouraging treatment been carried out from the first, the results might not have been so disastrous. John, the Doctor's father, was a man of gentle and meek spirit, so perfectly just that hctz to be as honest as John Rush was a proverb. After a full analysis of these cases he comes to the conclusion that the dangers of haemorrhage, either during the operation or on the subsequent separation of the placenta, are, in general, too great to warrant gastrotomy during the life of the child, which, moreover, in consequence of compression within its sac, is usually so much deformed and so imperfectly developed as to be unable to live (drug). Give diligent attention to and foster the scientific work and spirit of the Society, and shall constantly strive to make vs each annual session a stepping-stone to further advancement. A.s an adjunct to the probe in the treatment of laeluninal affections, it jjromises to be of much cerate, has been of unmistakable sen-ice in side some cases. Professor White said lie thought the "dosing" appearances seen in one of the X-ray photographs were strongly in favour of the view that the tumour started inside the bone. Hyperthyroidation may gradually give place Cretinism is special to certain regions, and the goitre from which the patient suffers is nearly always hereditary (ic).