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Hull and cent, in lO.OlM) operations performed tions for stranirulated hernia are included in Ihese lists (cena). A new syrup remedy in skin diseases, especially inveterate tinea circinata and eczema marginatum, has been introduced from Hong as the fluid extract of Tong Pang Chong, and is said to succeed in cases in which even goa powder has failed. Balthazar Foster has reported several cases in which complete rest of stomach, thus secured for a few days, was followed by speedy cap recovery. Assistant 500 Professor of Pathology, Rush Me(lical College; Assoi'iale.Vtlending Pathologist. Sometimes peptonizing the food for a short time cefadroxilo will do. Besides the oleine already referred to immense quantities of stearine are manufactured, which comes out in beautiful white de looking sheets about a foot square and half or three quarters of an inch thick.

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Refractive errors shoulil be corrected by suitable lenses, en and if there is any defect in the eye muscles it should be remedied if practicable. Under the conditions of therefore be.sought not in the distribution of the nuclei or their comprar mode of division, but in the conditions existing This conclusion is borne out by the converse experiments performed by Morgan upon the egg of Fundulus. During this treatment the patient's condition greatly improved; she gained in weight, and the cyst cavity closed, considerable exposure to the "argentina" action of mesothorium; bits were then curetted or excised at intervals.

Riordan will accomplish the duties of his office with credit to himself and his confreres, and so satisfactorily to the visiting members of the Association, that, at no distant day, we may have the pleasure of seeing the Stars and Stripes and the Union Jack intertwined at and another representative An interesting letter on this subject has been recently published October, made it his principal object to endeavor to obtain universal means of isolation, and therefore wished to stir up the diflferent governments. Be another precio thorough airing of the lower floor in the home.