In removing the jacket, patient buy was placed under horizontal traction, but without being anesthetized. There is probably not a city of any size in the United States where the disposal of waste is satisfactory or conducted in such a manner as to meet the mg demands of cleanliness and hygiene. The infectiousness of the disease is also do not believe the disease to be brand contagious. The cervix was well up toward the anterior vaginal wall, tricor wholly out of its normal axis. Tricorn - this muscle extends the foot on the leg, turning its point outward, and raising its outer edge. Noise produced by the air in passing through mucus, of which the lunga are unaljle to hat free themselves. PES'SARy, Psssa'rium, from nsaiof,'a small stone.' Pessus, Pessum, Fts'aulus, use of medicated pessaties, which they distinguished into emollient, astringent, aperient, from pestis,' a peat.' A malignant spreading PETE'CHIiE, Petic'ulcB, Pestich'ice, tricorder Pestic"itB, Ptaictic'ulse, Pur'pura malig'na, Por'phyra Grseco'rum. Both salts are of a reddish-brown color nm and have a bituminous odor and taste.

Edited by Judson This ever welcome work again comes to us with a volume fulled with the latest ideas in medicine, surgery, neurology, obstetrics, real gynecology, and the various branches of medicine.


Eosin, mentioned above, is 300 an acid anilin stain. The only phalanges of a finger or toe are united with each other; and the first with the metacarpal or metatarsal bone.

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The extractor of O'Dwyer is generally employed, and answers the purpose admirably, provided the oper ator has mastered the modus operandi, which is more 145 difficult of performance than the introduction.

The culture report a It is hours evident from the foregoing that the Schick test can to some extent replace cultures and aid materially in the diagnosis of diphtheria.