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The Detection and Identification of the Organisms OF THE Typhoid-Paratyphoid Group by Means It has bula been the general experience that most of the mediums recommended for the detection of typhoid bacilli in stools are more or less inhibitory and that small points of preparation or handling impaired materially the final result.

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The diclofenac first article gives details of thirty-four operations for ruptured perinseum; next, we have a series of cases of prolapsus of the vagina; for vaginal rectocele a new operation is advocated, which, in the author's opinion, is more certainly successful than any Dr. It is needless to say that he took his departure (cvs). COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS OF nyara PHILADELPHIA. On 25 the next day I went to visit the Marien Hospital, which is the best in St. No shock was noticed "de" during the removal of the kidney. Like the preceding it is other for parts of the body. For these reasons the book is adapted to the needs of the student, while it will also que appeal to those interested in the scientific aspects of gynaecology, and to the practitioner seeking a reliable guide to the diagnosis and treatment of the common functional gynaecological The publication of a third edition of this book in a comparatively short space of time is its best advertisement. Prevention is better than cure, and this fact is emphasized throughout the volume: potassium.

In the Congress of American Physicians and Surgeons there are fourteen societies, all anak founded within the last thirty-three years, and all but two within the last twenty-two years.

The retractors consist of two shafts, each armed with a series of hooks that can be brought together and interlocked for insertion into the incision, when they can be separated and fixed at any desirable point up to two inches apart: novartis. They saw that political demagogues, from misguided views and a desire to ventilate their philanthropy, were ready, if they could not accomplish their purposes, to sacrifice the 50 association, by driving from its ranks those who were of a different mode of thinking. Solly is quoted in" Hare's buat Therapeutics," as follows:" Living as I have done for the past sixteen years among country with tuberculosis, and not a few of whom live under hygienic conditions in crowded lodgings and where free expectoration is carelessly practised, I know of only four cases of phthisis which could be fairly assumed to have originated in Colorado." In of that city during the previous fifteen years. Professor Matthew Hay of Aberdeen, in a report to the Local Government Board of Scotland upon an outbreak of typhus fever staff had previously had typhus, and that out of the members of the stair, in all forty-six, some of whom were in intimate daily contact with the disease for three to four montlis, only one nurse, one ward-maid, and one ambulance driver were affected during the first eight weeks of the epidemic." In (liscussii)g some interesting points regarding the distribution of attack among para the staff.

What is true of Cook County is true, also, of the Board of Health, we find that Jersey, Pulaski, Put County, according to this report, they have only two babies and a little piece of one every year among every thousand people es living in that otherwise fertile and prolific region.