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Lazear hatched the price eggs, and applied some of the mosquitoes to cases of yellow fever at Las Animas Hospital, Havana.

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This suggestion is made, but will be mg noticed that it is not incorpori_ ted in the by-laws. Wine can be safely and usefully included in the diet of very large segments of the diabetic r Fhe fermented juice of the grape is the oldest medicine known cvs to man. If it is impracticable for an applicant to appear before a Government physician or a pension-examining surgeon on account of his distance from such a physician, the medical certificate may be executed by any reputable physician other than the family physician of the applicant; but a person submitting such a effects certificate may be required to undergo another physical examination in case of appointment. Of the cancer commission of Harvard insurance University. On the second day my patient has only one or two discharges, watery, blood and absolutely without blood or mucus. The dosage veins store but do not feed.

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Physicians, seeing a case of the latter disease, frequently date take it for granted that it has been already reported because it has been seen previously by some other physician.

A liquid injected into the carotid artery, after circulating "cost" through the brain, returned by the jugular vein, and if injected into the pulmonary artery it returned by the pulmonary vein to the left side of the heart.

It is faintly heard with a stethoscope with applied to either carotid. Thereafter developed nausea does and a loss of forty pounds in weight. : During the past few years we have seen a number of patients in severe heart failure with oliguria and "pressure" frank uremia in whom no renal lesion could be demonstrated at autopsy. He was medical director of the to Brooklyn Union Gas Company.