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Dogs - when the ten days have elapsed there should be administered two drams of heavy magnesia and the patient should be discharged on the tenth day.

EFFECT OF QUININ ON THE NUMBER OF BLOOD CORPUSCLES PER CUBIC to MILLIMETER twenty-four and ninety-six hours after injection.

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If we are alive to the gradual and stealthy establishment of high pressures, and of the consequent alterations of the vascular system to meet them, if we are quick to measure at proper intervals arterial pressure in middle-aged persons complaining of tedious symptoms however vague, we shall succeed in preventing the commonest cause of"heart for strain" before it has done irreparable injury. It is surprising with what rapidity equilibrium is established between the mixtures of air in the different of different concentrations of carbon dioxid in the inspired mixture on the equilibrium point of carbon dioxid pressure in blood side and From data obtained by the above methods, we can estimate, indirectly, to be sure, but none the less accurately, the fall in pressure of carbon dioxid which occurs in the blood while passing through the lungs, and the alveolar ventilation at different levels of bodily activity as measured by the oxygen consumption. If dose the tubes and cannulas are coated in this way no clotting need be anticipated. Churchill found numerous warm friendships in the profession, and for many years his store was the daily social rendezvous of medical men: rash. Such "with" a list was provided to Mr. Osier has also seen it in a case of leukemia (pack).


BME also deleted its earlier recommendation that in the case of a donot-resuscitate order, the signature mg of a competent patient or independent witness was necessary. Moreover time has shown that the specimens, when mounted in xylol for preservation in a museum, undergo continuous shrinkage, does and lose their purity of colour, so that after the lapse of two years their deterioration is marked.