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In - if the further operation is decided upon it is wise to remove the corresponding kidney, as we have The final result in our one successful case has been good so far, the patient being healthy and with no signs of any while malignant tumors of the suprarenal gland are rare, they should be considered as one of the factors to be eliminated in proportion the symptoms are fairly well marked, there are many in which no symptom points to the suprarenal origin; disturbances and abdominal pain are the most prominent the diagnosis is impossible in many, and difficult in all, cases; diseased retroperitoneal glands, and from cysts and new serious, even following a successful operation, from the great frequency with which both glands are found involved, and the hope of relief, and that it has been successful in two cases; friability of the tumor, the great tendency to haemorrhage, and THE BACTERIOLOGY OF THE CAVITY OF THE CORPUS UTERI OF THE NONPREGNANT So much has recently been written concerning the bacteria of the female genital tract that unless one proposes to publish a book upon the subject, as has been done by Menge and Krdnig, a complete and careful review of all the literature relating to it is impracticable.

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