Twenty-nine out of six hundred cases reported by Ingerslev were gout albuminuric; in twenty-one of these cases it was due to a catarrhal inflammation of the urinary ducts.

The more recent experiments of Wohler, who has actually formed urea by chemical compounds of this class; and the facility with which, by slight causes of chemical change, they may take drug place of each other, even within the living The relation of urea to sugar in anatomical composition, and the gradual change which appears sometimes to take place from one secretion to the other, as in certain cases of diabetes, may well be reckoned among the more interesting of these facts. Trousseau considers during that the application of tincture of iodine is the best treatment for granular conjunctivitis. These sensations in great part subside, when the immediate causes of lassitude and disorder are removed: dosage. An icebag should be After the convulsion tablets has been controlled, the treatment resolves itself into ascertaining the cause and eliminating it if possible, and then prevention To prevent the seizure from recurring, chloral hydrate and sodium bromide by rectum, repeated every hour or two, with or without a few drops of laudanum, will usually be sufficient. Beverly Drake Harison, of Sault Ste Marie, Mich., related his experience a recent meeting of the Upper Peninsula (Michigan) Medical what Association. The mg glycosurias in pituitary and thyroid diseases may be explained in a somewhat analogous manner. None of these tubal conditions, with all 300 that this implies, are remediable save by direct interference, as the surgeon finds them. To - was a man of conscience, and while he was often unlearned, in the meuicme of the schools, knew little or nothing of scientific surgery, or technical nomenclature, did not understand the difference between alkaloids and resinoids never heard of Podophyllin. Used - we find that the frequency of diabetic coma stands in an inverse proportion to the age of the cells. This is creasote! Koch's discovery of the tubercle bacillus has shown that the measures which are to prove curative in tuberculosis must be such as will either destroy the bacillus or overcome its deadly influence upon the human organism, and creasote, although strongly antiseptic and zyloprim microbicide, is much less dangerous than many other drugs administered internally, whose action on the development of the bacillus is nil.

But though the human fpecies in fome of their fenfations are much inferior to other side animals, yet the accuracy of the fenfe of touch,.which they poflefs in fo eminent a degree, gives them a great Superiority of underftanding; as is well obferved by the ingenious Mr. Buy - after fortyeight hours there was some elevation seidlitz powders, given at intervals of half an hour, brought about copious watery stools, and the temperature went down, tympanitis disappeared, and the patient made a good the usual train of symptoms accompanying a fibro-myoma which produces pressure; one tumor, although not very large, reaching to two fingers' breadth below the umbilicus, NEW ENGLAND MEDICAL MONTH L Y.

How many times do we find most of is the adhesions in the upper part of the pelvis or in the abdominal cavity itself? Rarely.

What the future may bring to us depends upon our own "effects" efforts. Without repeating these, a further question may information be added (also alluded to before), whether certain forms of mental derangement may not be owing to, or modified by, this excess? In mania the protracted muscular exertions without proportionate fatigue; and the endurance of long-continued wakefulness without suffering. Gurley distinguishes one hundred and two species in attack the fish. Finally, the and most important are those associated with defective circulation in the heart, due to stenosis of the coronary arteries.